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Family Law

Divorce need not be an interminable or hostile process. We emphasize speed and simplicity by intensive preparation before any pleadings are filed. We try not to initiate controversy but will respond with all appropriate measures that are necessary.

Child custody may be the most contentious issue. Written parenting plans are now required in most cases. Whitney Durand was a principal author of the parenting plan used throughout Tennessee.

Child support is set by a computer calculation required by judges. Our first task is to determine the right information for the calculation.

Alimony is of four types in Tennessee. We focus on the essential matters: the need of one spouse and the ability of the other spouse to pay.

Orders of protection are used when domestic violence is proven. These are especially important and difficult cases, and judges appreciate the assistance that lawyers can provide.

Pensions often necessitate special orders called Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs) in federal tax law. We prepare them in understandable form.

Division of assets necessitates our knowing the intricacies of property law as well as family law.

Locating hidden assets involves our following paper and electronic trails to their conclusion. When electronic tools are insufficient, we engage investigators to assist us.

Valuation disputes require not just our hiring financial experts but knowledge of their techniques.

Mediation has been a satisfying addition to the legal process. A mediator helps to resolve disputes before they get to the courtroom. Judges usually require mediation.

When Juvenile Court proceedings escalate so that clients are fearful of representing themselves, we step in.

Modification of final decrees occurs because people and circumstances change. A divorce decree is often revised at a later date. We assist clients so that court orders fit new situations.

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