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Consumer Law

Unfair and deceptive practices are prohibited by both state and federal law. There are effective remedies, including triple damages and payment by the defendant of a client's legal fees, if legal advice is sought at an early stage.

Here are a few of the areas where legal action may be needed…

Home mortgage loan problems are especially prevalent with so-called subprime loans to higher-risk borrowers. Predatory behavior by these lenders is not uncommon.

Our region is the home of some of the nation's largest check-cashing services and vehicle title lenders. They are permitted to charge annual interest that is exorbitant, but they are not always content with what is lawful.

Wrongful foreclosure or repossession can occur, and there are ways to defend against it if you contact an attorney as soon as it is threatened. Foreclosure takes only 22 days to complete.

Motor vehicle fraud is one of the most common problems, and we will litigate when it occurs.

Stock, bond, and commodity brokerage account disagreements can sometimes be resolved by negotiation instead of arbitration (which is usually required by contacts) or litigation.

Consumer arbitration is an expensive, prolonged, and unfair process that we usually seek to avoid but will utilize in exceptional cases.

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